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Financial planning

Financial Planning process to ensure that Organizational Unit (OUs) planning activities are coordinated and focused on delivering high level strategic objectives of the business through the integration of business activities and financial planning.
Financial Forecasting
Our Financial Forecasting estimates a company's future financial outcomes by examining historical data. Financial forecasting allows management teams to anticipate results based on previous financial data. Characteristics of financial forecasting include:

  • * Used to determine how companies should allocate their budgets for a future period. Unlike budgeting, financial forecasting does not analyze the variance between financial forecasts and actual performance.
  • * Regularly updated, perhaps monthly or quarterly, when there is a change in operations, inventory, and business plan.
  • * Can be both short-term and long-term. For example, a company might have quarterly forecasts for revenue. If a customer is lost to the competition, revenue forecasts might need to be updated.
  • * A management team can use financial forecasting and take immediate action based on the forecasted data.
Financial forecasting can help a management team make adjustments to production and inventory levels. Additionally, a long-term forecast might help a company's management team develop its business plan.

Budget is an outline of expectations for what a company wants to achieve for a particular period, usually one year. Characteristics of budgeting include:
* Estimates of revenues and expenses
* Expected cash flows
* Expected debt reduction
* A budget is compared to actual results to calculate the variances between the two figures.
Budgeting represents a company's financial position, cash flow and goals. A company's budget is usually re-evaluated periodically, usually once per fiscal year, depending on how management wants to update the information. Budgeting creates a baseline to compare actual results to determine how the results vary from the expected performance. While most budgets are created for an entire year, that is not a hard-and-fast rule. For some companies, management may need to be flexible and allow the budget to be adjusted throughout the year as business conditions change.

Engineering and Consultancy

The development of Engineering Design Services' business philosophy was our most important objective in the creation of our firm. We understand it is essential to our success that we are closely aligned with our clients over-all objectives and our primary goal at Engineering Design Services, Inc. is to provide our clientele with a strong sense of security that their project will meet or exceed their expectations and be a success for all involved.
Moreover, Our Engineering and Consultancy Service is a dedicated offering which can be part of a Front End Engineering Design or even consist of a complete tailored product development. Based on our flexible capacity and our extensive expertise we deliver innovative results with a high quality and in a timely manner.
Fore more details, please visit www.othmanconsult.com


Power and Energy

Our company PA COST INTL. is engaged in rendering services of Turnkey solutions for all projects related to Infrastructures, Industries, substation and Power Plants etc. We have gained vast experience in undertaking the electrical projects related to Transmission & Distribution, Power Sectors, Industries and other utilities by way of Detailed Engineering, Testing & Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance activities.
To keep abreast with the needs of the customers, we have started establishing a dedicated core group with Qualified and Experienced Sr. Engineering Personnels possessing work experience of more than 20 years who can manage the work as their entity
Fore more details, please visit www.pacost.com


IT Services

In todays age of digital transformation, its a top priority to streamline your IT operations, maximize the value of IT investments, and join the industrys evolution towards a next generation digital workplace all while staying focused on your core business needs. Thats where managed IT services prove their value. IT outsourcing as a part of our offering services and business strategy can ease the burden of keeping your enterprise IT running at its best. As an IT service company with more than 20 years experience, we provide IT solutions that can improve your productivity and grow your enterprise IT infrastructure in pace with a technology-focused global workforce.
Fore more details, please visit www.orait.com.sa


Construction EPC

Our Contemporary structure company has the ability to take on commitments of the construction of plants and other installations for various market segments from their inception, launching, pre-operative and final delivery stages to their respective clients, maximizing the value-added while delivering high quality products within time and budget margins.
Excellent relations with large multinational and local engineering and construction companies allow for the establishment of strategic partnerships or plans of cooperation, mutually beneficial for the implementation of large-scale projects.
The company has the flexibility to participate in projects under different contractual agreements, such as contractor/sub-contractor, joint ventures and strategic alliances, depending on the complexity and requirements of each commitment.
Fore more details, please visit www.cost.com.sa


Trading Services

We are committed to helping active traders in KSA to get an edge in today's fast moving markets. That's why we offer services that help make smart trading decisions.
We are one of the leading supplier for electrical, instrumentation and Mechanical products in the KSA. Our pursuit towards optimum quality and zero error performance in all activities are well known in the market and being appreciated by our business partners. In a short span company has acquired a prestigious position among the multitude of trading houses in ksa.
We serve our customers to become more successful in their markets - with high-quality brand-name products, customer-specific solutions and with a high service level. That's our basis for long-term partnership. We cater to various clientele covering the Construction, Industrial, Power, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Defense and Marine sectors in the country.
Fore more details, please visit www.oratrading.com.sa


Fire & HVAC Services

ORA Fire Solutions offers fire alarm inspection, maintenance, installation, and monitoring. From routine fire alarm inspections to large-scale upgrades, Impact Fire is the company you can count on to keep your fire alarm equipment maintained and within code.
Fore more details, please visit www.orafs.com.sa

ORA AC & Allied Services offers completed HVAC Solutions including installation and maintenance services. We completed several projects in power and oil sector. Fore more details, please visit www.oraac.com.sa

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